Graphic Design Vs. UX Design – Differences in Very Simple Steps

In the initial time "Design" meant only to make you think about graphics. It means it involves ads, packaging, banners, brochures, logos, magazines, Book Covers, and designing of websites etc. But now it gets confusing to people about all the job designations trending in the design industry. Nowadays in a world of glowing screens and smartphones, the definition of design keeps growing in UI and UX.

Technically there is a difference between both but 99% of the time people consider it the same thing. Graphic Design and UX Design are 2 just branches of a growing tree of businesses and products.

While graphic designers and UX designers do have some common things, they both should have creative thinking but there is a major difference between both - responsibilities and end goals.

Now let's start with an explanation of Graphic Design and UX Design, what UX design is all about, and how it's different from graphic design. If you need any kind of information on this article-related topic click here graphic design brisbane 

It means what people think of design because it is the easiest to observe. Graphic design is the easiest way to understand Graphic Design and Visual communication. Graphic Designers pick colours, select images, design logos, and do other very visual tasks. They use fonts, colour schemes, imagination, and typography. Graphic design can be used for websites and mobile applications and in printed materials like book covers, ads, banners, brochures etc. Most people consider Graphic Design as "ART". Graphic Designers can be called problem-solvers because they make our lives easy by creating amazing products for us to use.

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