Latest Colour Trends in Interior Design for 2015

If you are thinking of infusing new colours into your interior design scheme at home, now is the time! You can change the look by keeping yourself updated about what the latest colour trends are this season.

Here are some trends you might want to keep track of, for 2015.

  • Blues are in, especially richer and deeper shades of blue. Rich blue adds a touch of royal luxury to your upholstery. You could also use the bold shade of blue in your drapes, and wall hangings or other accessories. Even your furniture could do well with some shades of dark blue. You could team the colour with pink or grey for a great impact.
  • Watch out for green, the olive shade of green! That is a great colour and is the trend for 2015. How about doing up your kitchen in this shade? It will lend a warm and natural touch to any space, more so the kitchen. The cabinets could be painted green, or you could use green on the tiles. You could even accessorise your kitchen with the olive shade of green.
  • How about gray tinged with brown? It is a versatile shade, and is being used a lot this year. Also, it is a neutral shade, and lends itself to combinations. You could use the gray as the vase and add a pop of colour in the accessories. Dark blue wall accessories or olive hued tabletop/cushions could be a perfect foil for the gray.
  • Rich earthy browns and wood colours can be used in your kitchens or living spaces as they lend an elegant and warm touch to your home.
  • Talk of earthiness, and you think of terracotta. Which brings us to the colour that has been talked about so much this year - marsala! Marsala is a reddish shade (think terracotta) and lends a bold, earthy, and confident touch to any space. You can introduce marsala in a rug, for instance. You could use a gray sofa and introduce a pop of warm colour by way of marsala-hued cushions.
  • A light shade of pink (a blush tone) much like the dull pink of an evening sky immediately after sunset is a colour that is popular in 2015. You could use it on one of your walls or on cushions and other artefacts.
  • A neutral colour that is all the rage is a nude shade, which is a skin colour. You could use that on your drapes, bedroom upholstery etc, but combine it with rich copper coloured accessories or even lighting fixtures. You could even use richly textured material for cushions or bedcovers so that the nude shade is well complemented with rich tones. Metallic shades such as bronze, copper, gold and steel are also the colours for this year, so use your imagination to team them up with other shades to create a magical impact!

Interior design is all about creativity, but if you understand the science behind colour schemes, it works even better.

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