MS Word Docm File – What is it ? How it is Recovered ?

Docm is a file extension that was introduced in Microsoft Word 2007. It is considered as the close cousin to the docx and uses ZIP and XML compression. The letter 'M' indicates that it is a Macro enabled file. A macro program is utilized to automate repetitive task in a Word file. In Microsoft Word 2007 or beyond, any macro embedded file must be saved with this extension.

Why DOCM is required?

Macro is an embedded piece of VB (Visual Basic) programming. This piece saves with your file and its code runs a small program or a 'script' to complete the assigned task. If a virus attach itself to the program, '.docm' will alerts your computer for any virus attack. To ensure its safety, always scan .docm with an antivirus before opening.

How to open a DOCM?

Double-click the DOCM and let your system decide for the default application to open the file. If no application opens it then you may need to purchase or download the correct application. However, it is possible that correct application has been installed on the system but the docm files are not associated with it. Manually select a correct application to open it.

Why I can't open DOCM ?

A corrupt Docm can become a liability for the user. There are many reasons that are responsible for the corruption. Some of them include virus infection, accidental hard drive crash, hardware malfunction, improper computer shutdown, etc. Sometimes the user may receive error messages like "incompatible file type and file extension", "Invalid file extension: undefined", "The file extension is invalid", etc. In many scenarios, problem occurs because the file association is invalid or missing in Windows Registry. To rectify this, you need to re-install the program and then fix the Registry. It is potentially possible that associated program and the .docm have been hijacked or infected by some virus or malware.

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